It is difficult for us in this modern world to spend one day without a car , bus ,refrigerator or elevator. Our everyday life , like that of thousands of others around the world. Steel has been essential since the industrial revolution

TFAA is one of the largest producer of steel products in the country with a vast inventory of tons of tons stocked and processed.


We are a leading company in Iran that produces a wide range of steel products (U Channels,Angles,IPE Beams,HEA Beams,…) in different sizes . High production capacity allows the factory to have full cycle of production and always produce the productions just in time.

These products are certified for applications which range from the transport of fluids to the construction of chemical and petrochemical plants, the manufacture of components for domestic appliances and the home, and the manufacture of exhaust pipes and templates for the automotive industry

We put customer satisfaction at the center of our attention. Our customer’s success is the foundation for our own success. Therefore, the goal of all our efforts is to create value together with our customers.

Maximizing your performance and optimizing solutions that fit your needs is our priority

TFAA is more than a distributor , we are a partner you can trust for sound advice and and responsive service -we get to know tour company,your applications and your specialty metals needs while developing a program that satisfies those needs allowing us to help your company achieve its production and profitability goals like never before. Thanks to our extensive sales network, we are able to guarantee timely response times, ensuring fast and punctual deliveries.

If we do not have it in stock we will find it for you.

TFAA keeps a top position in the domestic industry

Domestic Supplier:

TFAA pursues the highest standards of quality and customer care in offering its services, recognizing that always respecting the commitments made with customers and exceeding their expectations constitute a duty for all staff , we utilize our own facilities and equipment to meet our customers’ needs with an organized and growth-driven model. We stock large quantities of product in our inventory so that our customers can take advantage of purchasing opportunities where they can feel confident that they have the proper steel for the proper end use.Thanks to our extensive sales network, we are able to guarantee timely response times, ensuring fast and punctual deliveries

We have an efficient ,fully-integrated production system. Our facility features the who manufacturing process of steelmaking, from the mining of iron ore to production of high value added products for the most demanding industries like 



  • Automotive
  • Railway
  • Road tankers and busses
  • Ships


  • Bridges and infrastructure
  • Facade
  • Interior cladding
  • Structural applications



Steel has long been a key, basic material for human civilization and will surely remain indispensable far into the future. As a steelmaker, we recognize our responsibility to address pressing needs in modern society.

Many countries are using great amounts of steel to support their growing economies and national development. To supply global customers on a timely basis, we are expanding TFAA's production bases and sales networks Iran. We aim to build on our long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with customers by reliably supplying them with products .


With focuses on the steel product chain, We are honored to provide various steel products within a short delivery time for the best competitive price to our customers.

TFAA's medium- to long-term vision is to be a global steel supplier that constantly creates new value to grow together with its customers. To achieve this vision, one of the key strategies is to aggressively expand the company's business scale, including by statisfying growing demands in emerging nations.

For Short Delivery times:

We feel our flexibility enchances your performance . By Shortening lead times and reducing your working capital.


TFAA is your assurance of quality



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